Holy places: Islam

Mosquée Selimiye & Mosquée An-Nour

A 2010 study has found Islam to be the most important religion in Saint-Josse-ten-Noode, with an estimated share of 49 percent among its population.

The Selimiye Camii Mosque (photos 1 – 6) located in Rue Saint-Josse 7-11 was inaugurated in June 2015. The building has been conceived by Şefik Birkiye, a renowned architect based in Brussels. The mosque belongs to the Union of Islamic Cultural Centres of Belgium, founded by Turkish immigrants in 1979.

The An-Nour Mosque (photos 7 – 11) is located in the neighbouring municipality of Schaarbeek, Rue Massaux 6. 

Photos: Jürgen Klute (June 2016).

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